Looking for Finance to buy your first home or next investment property?

With our free consultation and ongoing help you can achieve -

Finance - We will help you get the loan you need and make sure it fits to your lifestyle.

Education - We will teach you and give you clarity on how and where to start.

Planning - It does not matter how old or how young you are, every journey to buy your own home or to create wealth through property begins with a plan.

Structure - Its important that the right structure is used to support you into the future. From a tax effective structure or using trusts to protect your assets, we are the experts.

Growth - Although you have a plan and you have the right structures, we will still be available to help guide you.

Protection - Most people dont like to think about getting sick, losing their job, having an accident or worse, but a vital part of any plan is having protection for yourself and your family.

Most of us want or have a goal to become wealthy, but few achieve it.

Our parents and mentors bought their home, worked hard and paid it off, and some may have even bought an investment property.

When retirement time came, they used their superannuation or received a pension to survive, which is still the example most people follow today. However that destiny isn’t a bed of roses as most retirees are finding out.

When we see Mum and Dad finding it hard to make ends meet at retirement, we need to ask

“is their way the right way to creating wealth?”

Even the Government knows that there will be less people working to support people retiring, and thats why compulsory superannuation was introduced. But is that working well.........

At Inspired Finance, we have helped hundreds of customers structure a solid investment strategy for financing and purchasing property, through their own name, hybrid trusts, family trusts, or using their own superannuation.

It doesn’t matter if you are young and about to buy your first investment property or at a mature age and want to know how to purchase property with a successful proven strategy, we can help you.

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