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John Smith, DipFMBM, Founder

John Smith Founder Inspired Finance Group Pty Ltd

John Smith is experienced in all facets of property and finance, having worked in the industry for over 30 years.

John started his career in the Australian Stock Market, and during his career managed a $780 million portfolio of cash and shares. He was Chairman of the Australian Securities Lending Association, and liaised with regulatory organisations such as the Australian Tax Office and the Australian Stock Exchange.

After making a lifestyle decision to work closer to home, John found his niche in the residential property market. It is a career choice that allows him to apply his skills and knowledge to help people realise their dreams in terms of property investing and wealth creation, while giving him the flexibility to prioritise spending time with his children and family.

In addition to arranging finance for his many satisfied clients, John has regularly spoken at seminars and workshops on wealth creation and property investment.

John, on why he is a Credit Advisor or Mortgage Planner -

I love my job. Every single day I come to work, I get to inspire people to do the things that inspire them. Its fun looking for different strategies or structures that will meet each client's requirements and allow them to flourish financially. I am not even sure I am just a Credit Advisor either. There is a real joy in showing people how to pay down their debt quickly or how to be financially savvy, something none of us are taught at school. It's more about looking after your financial well-being, and I can't think of any other name that describes it.

Inspired Finance Group Pty Ltd

Inspired Finance Group is the preferred choice for those clients that seek honest, reliable service and a lending solution to suit their needs.

We specialise in providing finance to homebuyers and all types of investors, and we are accredited with more than 40 lenders. Our clients reside all over Australia, and own properties in every state.

As a broker, we do not owe our loyalty to any specific bank or lending organisation and do not offer a competing product, ensuring that we have no conflict of interest, unlike bank employees or other broker/finance organisations that sell their own products.

If you are looking for a home loan, then any Mortgage Broker can provide one. The service should be free and you will be provided with options, but only from lenders that the broker has familiarised himself with! However at Inspired Finance Group we offer more than just another Mortgage Broking service, because we are Mortgage Planning and Structuring Specialists and are not just interested in earning a commission from your business.

Our expertise in providing finance to investors and homeowners gives us the ability to analyse and structure your finance correctly from the very beginning even if you do not initially plan on buying further property.

If you would like us to:

  • Source finance that suits your needs from our panel of lenders
  • Present to you a personalised mortgage strategy
  • Help you achieve your maximum borrowing potential
  • Save you the time and frustration of shopping around
  • Teach you mortgage minimisation strategies or how to pay your loan off faster
  • Restructure your loans to achieve increased cash-flow
  • Show you how to leverage other peoples money
  • Provide assistance every step of the way, until settlement
  • Understand your position and keep records, so we may assist you with future purchases

Then contact us now on (02) 8914 2400

We bring our expertise to the table and streamline the buying process, as we deal with various lenders every day and know the ins and outs of their lending criteria and application procedures.

We can also educate you about wealth creation and protecting your assets, and we offer a Mortgage Health Check to assess your current financial position and borrowing power.

Whether you're a first time buyer or a seasoned property investor, we can help you achieve the best results.

Take a look around and find out how we can help you. You'll find useful information, tools, links, informative articles and resources, so be sure to add our site to your favorites.

Our Guarantee

At Inspired Finance Group, we are committed to educating and empowering our clients and helping them to understand positive cash flow strategies, negative, positive and neutral gearing, and the various methods for asset protection. We want our clients to become real investors, and aim to help them to build large, balanced property portfolios by maximising their borrowing power.

Our business and service to you is based on integrity and exceeding your expectations, and we pride ourselves on going that one step further. We believe that our success will be determined by your success, and that providing an unbiased and individual service will result in continued business and referral to your family and friends

We dont recommend refinancing your existing loans for our financial benefit, unless there is a real financial benefit to you and tangible reason to do so.