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We can arrange finance for every type of home owner, investor, or business owner -

+ Home Loans

Looking for a home loan that will suit your lifestyle? We can help! Not only will we make sure that we get you a good rate, we can help you with an Expense/Borrowing/Budgeting structure that will make life easier, and help pay off your home sooner. Isn't it time you started making your money work for you?

+ Investment Loans

We are experts when it comes to investment loans and the structures that can be used to invest in property.

When I say we are the experts, I mean it. For example, there is currently only one lender, a major bank, in the market that will lend to Hybrid or Property Trusts, and many years ago, they asked us and we sent them the structures to show them how the loan would be set up to ensure a client could correctly claim their tax deductions. There was a second lender claiming that they lent to Hybrid or Property Trusts, but we queried it, and sent them details of the structure, they immediately pulled out of that market and no longer will lend to Hybrid or property Trusts. We have already had to unravel other loans for Hybrid Trusts where other brokers did not understand what they were doing, and the client's ability to claim tax deductions was jeopardised.

So when it comes to investing get the experts on your side, as we understand positive cash flow, negative gearing, neutral gearing, asset protection, borrowing and purchasing limits. We can help you build a balanced portfolio, make sure that you can borrow up to your serviceability limit, not what others think your limit should be.

+ First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is exciting and also daunting at the same time. We can help make it easier for you by explaining the process, as well as highlighting any pitfalls.

You may be eligible for the First Home Buyers or some other grant, to help you pay some of the costs. You can check out your eligibility below. Note: Each State manages their own grants and the eligibility requirements can differ for each state. Information is available on their web pages as listed below. The information can also be a little hard to understand, so if you have any problems, please call us.

One further note - someone that owns investment properties but has never owned their own home, or lived in a home they own longer than 6 months, may still be eligible for a grant. For each state check the eligibility wording and if unsure, ask your solicitor or conveyancer.

+ Self Employed - Full Documentation

We have handled quite a few complicated applications for our Self Employed clients, some with 2 or more trading companies and several trusts which hold their property investments.

We do understand financial statements and can dig down within the raw data, to ensure that any loan application we forward to a Lender is presented in the best light. Quite often within the financial statement's there are items that can be removed to improve the servicing of a loan

+ Self Employed - Low Documentation

Sometimes it can be difficult to have all your financials up to date, especially for smaller companies. Many different lenders offer Low Documentation loans, but the requirements for each, can be quite different. Knowing which lender will accept Bas statements or does not require them, needs 2 years ABN registration or less, or requires very little documentation is our job. If your current bank does not understand, then its possible another will. Just ask!

+ Credit Impaired and have a poor Credit Report

We have access to Lenders that specialise in lending to clients that may have had a problem in the past.

+ Car/Equipment/Computer Leasing

From Heavy Earth Moving Equipment to Cars, and Computers for your Office there are many benefits to leasing instead of buying.

+ Commercial

Looking to purchase an investment or your own premises.Taking into account your business structure, cash-flow, and tax requirements.

+ Self Managed Super Fund

We have already helped clients borrow to purchase properties within their self superannuation fund, and understand the structures required a Custodian/Bare trust, better than many accountants. We can even help you set up your Self Managed Super Fund, backed by solicitors who provide the same documents to many different accountants.

To find out how we can provide you with a lending solution based on your needs, contact us now on 02 8914 2400 or ask for your obligation free mortgage borrowing and purchasing power assessment, by downloading our mortgage health check here -

Mortgage Health Check 2013 Mortgage Health Check 2013 (224 KB)

After completion, please fax it, or scan and email it to us.

+ Hybrid, Discretionay/Family, Unit, Superannuation, and Custodian/Bare Trusts, as well as Corporate Trustees

Need a trust or corporate trustee? We can help! Our trusts are witten by lawyers/solicitors who sell the same trusts to accountants.

To find out how we can provide you with a solution based on your needs, contact us now on 02 8914 2400