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Sick to death of so called property education or mentoring companies..

John Smith - Wednesday, November 19, 2014

There I was in August promising you an email in September, and now I rise my head, its November. Wow! how things can just change overnight. Whereas I was looking to tell you about boosting your property portfolio, an offer came along, to actually be involved in the process as you may have read above.

You see for some time now I was getting sick of seeing clients portfolios come to a grinding halt as they bought negative geared property and what they thought was cash flow property. Most of these purchases were under the guise of some education or property mentoring program. In actual fact, they were just lead generators for selling property and even worse some people will $10,000 to $15,000 for membership in these mentoring programs.

In fact I had one such client who I was arranging an increase of a loan so he could use the cash, for a new purchase. His mentor who works for a real estate company had told him the value of the clients existing property investment was higher, and with that cash he could buy this fantastic deal they had.

Now banks are tougher on cash out and due to valuation issues as well, the client could not get as much as he needed.

Next minute, the mentor is suggesting he sell the property, so he can buy this new fantastic property.

Seriously how do you go from keeping the current investment property and getting some cash out against it, to selling it, all within one week. Where is the real advice in that.

There is none, because its all about selling more property.

Well now as of a few weeks ago and again prompted by what went on above, I now have a new business partner. You can read more here.


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