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Soon I will be emailing you from a new business

John Smith - Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Very soon I will be emailing you from another company. The format of the emails will be the same, although there will be more on offer.

Inspired Finance is not going anywhere, and I will still be arranging mortgages and finance for investors, but this is a new business with a new business partner.

Duncan Yelds

Let me introduce you to Duncan Yelds, who is a Mentor & Coach, Author, Property Educator, Presenter, among many other things.

Over his 25 year property investing career Duncan has learnt through his own personal practical experiences, powerful investment techniques that if applied diligently and with absolute belief, could produce enough wealth to help his clients and graduates achieve financial freedom and enough passive income to quit work forever.

He has mentored and coached in excess of 500 personal clients since 2005. He has had many successes and also many “learning experiences” both in property investing and through businesses bought, created, and sold.

Duncan and I were talking about some of the great opportunities in cash flow properties - because as some of you may know, some of those so called cash flow property areas have some real problems at the moment.

We then started talking about education, and the next minute we were talking about working together.

Don't be alarmed though. We have discussed joining forces for a few years now, although we always seemed to have other things on our plate. NOW finally we felt it was the right time.

The short story is both Duncan and I could see that most property investors were not receiving any education at all. Investors were bombarded with statements that Negative gearing is bad, and you should buy this Positive Cash Flow property, or buying Cash Flow Property has too many risks and you should buy this Negative Cash Flow property.

We both knew and have known for a long time that property portfolios should be balanced and contain properties that reflect where you are in your life, and include a forward looking strategy.

And that is what we are determined to do!

If you are starting off without a property portfolio then we will produce a strategic plan, designed to help you move forward; OR

If you already have a property portfolio we will pull it apart and have a real good look at it to see if it fits in with your investment plans.

Now we are not offering to do that straight away.

However I would like to challenge you to take the time and allow us to review your strategy and your portfolio to see how we could potentially add some Real value through advice. It may only take a phone conversation or a meeting for you to receive a forward looking strategy produced specifically for you.

If you would like us to give you a call please follow the link.
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